Erin Moll

Erin Moll


Member of the 100 club – 100 unbroken double unders

100 speed steps in one minute or less

128 lb jerk

Ran the Ragnar Relay while pregnant


Completed the CrossFit scaling course

About Coach

I’m a wife and mother of four and spend the majority of my time raising them which has required a lot of energy. I have always been active – growing up I participated in soccer, softball, volleyball, and cross country. I was also on a competitive jump rope team. One thing I loved about these experiences was being part of a team and the support and shared experiences I had with them. I have always been fascinated by the human body – I took a year of medical classes in college, became a certified phlebotomist, and I grew up with a Dad who taught and inspired in me an interest in psychology. Understanding psychology has helped me see that good mental coping skills can strengthen my performance as a CrossFit athlete. As an adult, my interest in health & fitness has spanned experiences with yoga, running, and high-intensity interval training, all of which have culminated in my passion for CrossFit.

Turning Point

One major struggle I’ve had with health & fitness has been because of my pregnancies. They were all too difficult for me to keep up with a regular exercise & nutrition routine. To get back on track with my health, I would take on some kind of health challenge. I found a lot of success with each one. But over time, my body and my drive would plateau and I would be left searching for the next thing. After my fourth pregnancy, I tried Crossfit through a beginner’s 6-week challenge. I have yet to plateau because each day is completely different. This has allowed me to find balance in my fitness and I am never bored. Another draw to CrossFit was and continues to be the community which reminds me of the team aspect of organized sports. I enjoy having the support of the coaches as well as the other members, and a place where I can explore different ways to approach challenges with fitness and nutrition.

Motivation & Passion

One thing I strive to bring to my coaching is an understanding that everyone is on his/her journey complete with good days and bad. Individual successes may look different from day to day, but celebrating daily accomplishments (even if it is just showing up) is important to me. The "big wins" are fun to celebrate--when someone gets a heavy lift or they do their first muscle up. But I especially love being a part of the "little every day wins"--feeling a difference in a better grip on the bar or finding the rhythm in a kipping pull-up. Those are the moments that only a few get to be a part of and I just love it that I can be one of those few.

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