Alexa Wiirre

Alexa Wiirre

Group Fitness Coach

Fran: 4:18

Nancy 14:49

Annie 5:35

Rope climbs will always be something I’m proud of it;

it took 3 years of never thinking I could get one to now loving them!


CrossFit Level 1 Coach Certificate

Masters Swim Certification

About Coach

I started CrossFit in 2017. At first, I just did a cardio-based class but finally transitioned to CrossFit about a year later. I love all things cardio but was excited for the challenge of working with weights. I quickly became addicted to the environment and the sense of accomplishment with every new movement I can do!

Turning Point

My struggle has always been self-doubt and fear of being judged. Sometimes we are truly our own worst enemy. When I came to Una Stamus I found a group of people who are so encouraging and get just as excited about me getting a PR as I do. That kind of real support is not something you can easily find and I decided I needed to make this community part of my daily life. I’ve improved by the amazing coaching, support and made some pretty amazing friends along the way. Super excited to continue my journey!

Motivation & Passion

I started coaching Masters Swim Class at a previous gym and I loved seeing others improve and being a part of their journey. I decided to combine my love of CrossFit with my passion for helping others and am excited to see everyone grow including myself as a coach!

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