Bridget Waldon

Bridget Waldon

Group Fitness / Head Coach, Youth Programs

Deadlift: 270 lbs

Power Clean: 148 lbs

Power Snatch: 113 lbs

Back Squat: 215 lbs

Front Squat: 180 lbs

Overhead Squat: 140 lbs

1 rep max Thruster: 133 lbs.


Burgener Strength Olympic Weightlifting Coach Certificate

CrossFit Kids Coach

About Coach

As a youth, you'd sooner find me tap dancing or twirling a baton versus on a field playing soccer or basketball. As an adult, I became inspired watching my husband run marathons and found myself with running shoes of my own. I realized that I valued independence in fitness and discovered the joy of personal achievements and gains while running. Walking into a CrossFit gym exponentially enhanced this great feeling of fitness. The organization of CrossFit classes perfectly merged my independence alongside my desire of being a part of something 'bigger than the self.' Being surrounded by self-motivated, physically and mentally strong people also enhanced my self-motivation. I've learned pushing yourself through hard workouts leads to a great feeling, but it's a much more powerful feeling when doing it alongside others! Embrace the suck! Own your struggle and respect your body's ability to learn and grow! This is how I CrossFit.

Turning Point

It all began on a treadmill at Montana State University; a college girl "working out" on a cardio machine. This girl grew up being told treadmills and ellipticals were what "girls were supposed to do at the gym." But this certain girl kept stealing glances towards the other side of the gym as she passively trotted along on her treadmill; glances towards the "bro" section where there stood free weights and barbells. This girl wanted to know what to do with these things, how to use them! But she never did learn. She remained on "her" side of the gym for many more years. Confidence to walk towards that side of the gym lacked, but the interest remained strong. Trainers and coaches along the years continued to recommend more "female appropriate" workouts. She was lucky once to be encouraged to hold five-pound dumbbells in her hands as she jogged on the treadmill. Now fast forward ten years. A more wiser and confident girl walks into a CrossFit gym; "what is CrossFit, anyway?" A barbell is placed into her hands, and the rest is history. "You don't need machines, you are the machine," a coach once told her. She finally found her true place in the gym, a CrossFit gym. She was supported, guided, and educated on how to use barbells and free weights within a welcoming and encouraging group of people. Working out took on a whole new level of meaning! As a coach I strive to help others find that feeling of excitement and liberation in themselves; that turning point that never gets old!

Motivation & Passion

I've spent the greater majority of my life learning how to be a nurse. I remember at the beginning of nursing school educators would often ask us students why we wanted to become nurses, where did our passion lie in this field? My answer wasn't the popular standard, "I want to help people." My answer to why I wanted to be a nurse was because I yearned to learn about the human body and how to take care of it on a holistic level. I realized the importance of taking care of my body since we only get one. Formal education was a great stepping stone opportunity to fill this desire, and I knew it would also open many opportunities along life's journey. This same yearning circled around again about four years into my CrossFit journey; I felt the need for specific education, only this time about the CrossFit world. I registered for the level one CrossFit certification class, and spent a very full weekend of learning details upon details about CrossFit movements and how they relate to the human body. So inspiring! Understanding the connections between CrossFit movements and muscles helps me feel connected in a holistic manner to this great sport. As a coach it is awesome to see the spark in the faces of athletes when they discover their body connections to CrossFit movements, as well. Much like the nursing world where learning is never done, there is always something to learn in our CrossFit journey!

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